Monday, August 1, 2011

Send Me Your Birth Story!

To celebrate A Mom Is Born’s new logo and website, I’d like to honor women and their amazing power in birth. Something that is generally done in private in a hospital, birth is a secret, and it is not uncommon for pregnant women and their partners to have never seen an actual birth themselves. What is more frightening than the unknown? It’s tough to feel confident when navigating new territory – no wonder women’s expectations of themselves are that they are powerless. What we do see of birth on TV confirms that – women crazed or hysterical, narrowly averting death and danger, women lying down in bed under a tangle of wires and tubes with the soundtrack of beeping and flashing medical equipment.

Do you have a transformative birth story to share? Tell us your story of how YOU gave birth to your baby, not how your baby was delivered by the doc on-call. These stories should be real. Your story may include pain, but tell us about your perseverance. Your story may include fear, but tell us about your bravery. All kinds of stories are welcome.

You did it. Tell us the amazing story of how A Mom Is Born.

I will publish your birth story on my blog as a Birth Story of the Week, using only your 1st name.

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