Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three for Three

The last three births I've attended have been c-sections. And you know what?

It's OK.

Of course, all three pairs of moms and babies are utterly fine and healthy, all recovering normally with no complications, but that's not what my focus is. In broad strokes, I think the reason why I'm not disappointed is because all three moms had choices. All three went into their births so informed about their options, about the common interventions suggested even when a labor is progressing normally, and about typical complications in late pregnancy and labor. They questioned their care providers, not for the sake of being contrary or dismissive, but because they wanted to to be fully participant in their births and not have their births "done to" them.

When the course of their births turned in the direction of c-section, we took a look at every alternative and weighed options. And I know that later, when they review their births either a week from now or a year from now, they will have no regrets about avenues unexplored.

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