Friday, November 6, 2009

And if YOU saw this sign at your OB's office...

...what would you do?

So much has been blogged, Facebooked, and tweeted about this photo that I just had to jump on the bandwagon.

But the good thing is that Jill at The Unnecesarean is sponsoring a wonderful photoshop contest, for women to write in their spoof of this sign. See the entries, and celebrate your right to fully informed consent and choices in your health care.

One of the things I treasure about being a doula (and it's not spelled with an "h" for crying out loud!)is working with women who are exercising their autonomy - with decision-making, with marathon strength, with purposeful surrender. Even if you need the most medically-oriented birth, you have the right to participate in your care and explore all your options!


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Anonymous said...

At least there up front about it. As a birth doula I see a lot of doctors reluctantly go along with everything then do a total one eighty at the birth. This stresses the mother out and makes her labor twice as long.