Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ummm, WHO delivered that baby?

I have been co-moderating a mothers e-group for a few years. It is a wonderful, supportive, and caring resource of information for moms in Boston. Every now and then, a newly pregnant mom asks for recommendations on an OB or midwife (usually an OB). The responses come pouring in, women sharing their stories about the tender prenatal care they received from one provider or the wonderful support given by the OB who happened to be on-call when they went into labor. But the one thing that makes me crazy is that this is said, over and over again: "Dr. (insert name) delivered my baby."

It doesn't matter how it happened: medicated or unmedicated, induced or spontaneous, vacuums or forceps. Mothers deliver their babies. Doctors and midwives attend births, assist births, catch babies, and perform procedures, but Mothers Deliver Their Babies! Even the babies who are born via the surgical skills of high-risk OB's, their mothers deliver them from the safety of their bodies, releasing them into the big, wide open, world to give them life.

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